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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a query not listed, please give us a call, email or complete the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The page is updated as and when we get questions asked.



Q. Can you install, maintain and service LPG (Calor) propane gas stoves and boilers?
A. Yes we are qualified to do this.

Q. Can you work on commercial gas systems?
A. No, we are only currently qualified to work on domestic gas systems.

Q. Do rented properties need gas checks?
A. Yes they will require a Gas Safety Check and Landlord Certificate which we can provide.


Q. What stove is suitable for my property?
A. This will depend on several factors such as the size of the room it is to be installed in. We always carry out a survey to see what the options are on size of the stove and kW which can be installed. There may be a particular type of fuel you would like to burn, which will also affect what options are available.

Q. Can I get a stove installed although I don’t have a chimney?
A. Usually it is possible to install a twin-wall flue system if a property does not have a chimney and we can confirm this during a survey.

Q. How long will it take to install a stove?
A. Typically if no extra work is required (such as work to the fireplace), we can usually install a new stove in one day.

Q. How soon can you install a stove for me?
A. This varies on the time of year; the autumn and winter time in particular in the lead up to Christmas is extremely busy. Please call or email to discuss your needs, and please note we will need to do a survey first.

Q. Do you only fit certain makes of stoves?
A. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so can be flexible with what we install as long as it a CE certified appliance and we are happy with the quality of the product. If it is made by a manufacturer we are not familiar with, we may still be able to install it, but won’t be able to guarantee its quality.

Q. Can I purchase a stove from you but get someone else to fit it?
A. Yes, we can supply stoves without you requiring us to fit them. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can usually order most brands of stoves on the market. Please note you must use a registered HETAS Installer to fit a stove in order to receive the HETAS certificate.

Q. How much does it cost to install a stove?
A. The cost of the installation will vary dependent on the stove purchased, to discuss an installation please contact us.

Q. I am selling a house with stove installed but no HETAS certificate, can you provide one?
A. We can’t issue a HETAS certificate on somebody elses work unfortunately, but we can check the appliance and offer a commissions certificate, but a HETAS certificate should be issued on installation.

Q. Do you install wet stoves?
A. Yes we can install solid fuel appliances which are linked to wet systems.

Q. Do you install Calor (LPG) cylinder gas stoves?
A. Yes we can install these type of stoves.

Q. What is a smoke free zone and am I in one?
A. These are areas where only smokeless fuels can be used and are usually in towns and cities. More information can be found here – or check your local council website.

Q. Can I run 2 stoves through 1 chimney?
A. No this cannot be done, however you can get a double-sided stove to install within an opening between 2 rooms.  To check if this is possible in your property, please contact us for a free survey.

Q. I don’t want an air vent behind my stove as think there is enough natural ventilation, is this ok?
A. For any stoves 5kW or over, it is within the regulations that they must have an air vent.

Q. How long are the manufacturer guarantees on the stoves?
A. This varies dependent on the manufacturer and type of fuel used. Please note guarantees will only be valid if used correctly and get an annual service.

Q. Do you install stoves that come in other colours rather than the usual black?
A. Most of the stoves are limited to black/charcoal or silver, but Firebelly have a much wider variety of colours available, to view click here

Q. What does a stove service include?
A. This includes a good clean, check of all rope seals, smoke tests, check of all components including the air vents, throat plates  and fire bricks.


Chimney Sweeping

Q. Are you able to sweep our chimney?
A. Yes, as of summer 2017 this is a new service we offer. A standard sweep is £45 + VAT.  Please contact us to book.  Chimneys should be swept regularly when in use to prevent possible fires.



Q. What fuel options are there for biomass boilers?
A. You can choose from pellets, logs or wood chips.

Q. Does the boiler have to go in my house?
A. No they can go in any suitable outbuilding which is weather-tight and an adequate size.

Q. Are the systems automatic?
A. Yes, they are controlled like any oil or gas boiler.



Q. Can you also install oil tanks (as well as oil heating systems)?
A. Yes we can.

Q. How long does an oil service take?
A. Oil boiler servicing takes longer than a gas service so you should allow 2 hours.


Other Heating Queries

Q. Do you work with Agas or Rayburns?
A. No we do not work with Agas or Rayburns, please check their websites to find a certified engineer or installer near you.

Q. Can you install an Economy 7 heater?
A. No, this needs to be done by a qualified electrician.



Q. What plumbing work do you do? 
A. We cover a variety of plumbing jobs, from leaking taps, to full bathroom installations.  To view details on what we cover, see our plumbing page here

Q. Can you unblock waste pipes?
A. Unfortunately this is not something we cover, you will need to contact a drainage company.



Q. What are your callout and service charges?
A. Callout charges can be viewed here and service charges here 



Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We generally cover Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.  If you are further afield please contact us as such visits may be able to be arranged subject to a mileage fee.

Q. What days and hours is your office open and where is it?
A. Our office is open Mondays and Wednesday 10am – 2pm, Tuesdays 10.30am – 2pm, and 9.30am – 3.30pm Thursdays and Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturdays by appointment.  Details on our office location and address can be found here 


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